суббота, 20 августа 2011 г.

Ева Воевода: мастер фудстайлинга

Живет в Индии, родилась в Киеве:
 "I was born in Kiev. My future was a forlorn conclusion as both my parents were artists of considerable repute. As long as I can remember, I have been drawing from a very early age. I discovered the makings of an artist in me when I once drew a blue eyed striped cat, reading striped newspaper, on the striped sofa and I called this masterpiece “Father sitting on sofa reading the newspaper”. This earned me my first award at a children’s painting competition at the tender age of four. It was my first genre composition and it soon evolved me into a designer. The six years in the State Art School and another six years at the National Art Academy brought out the best of the Artist in me and today I create my own work in graphic design, photography, illustration, web, environment graphics and interiors". 
Хотя сайт Евы объявлен на реконструкцию, но однозначно является отличным примером стиля фотосайтов, предназначенным для продвижения самой идеи фотографии как лучшего способа подачи еды, рецептов, блюд...

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